Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you end up hitting a home run. So begins the story of Sapoznik Insurance. After being terminated in 1987 by a large insurance agency upon having her second child, Rachel Sapoznik faced a reality. She needed to work to help support her family but had two little sons at home to take care of. Rachel made a bold decision to start her own company. She set up a home office and began her entrepreneurial journey. Within a year, she landed her first major client and Sapoznik Insurance began to grow.

Rachel quickly realized that education was the key to improving people’s health. She and her team began introducing their unique vision of wellness to clients across the country and the rest is history. Today, Sapoznik is the fourth largest insurance agency in the region with a variety of corporate clients benefiting from a wellness-centered approach. By partnering with businesses who truly care about their employees, Sapoznik transforms our expertise in wellness into a healthier bottom line for their clients.


  • Decision support
  • Benefits administration
  • Wellness programs & services
  • Compliance support
  • Claims advocacy
  • Telemedicine
  • Education and organizational guidance